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Dedicated to contemporary style and to what’s new and next in the arts, design, & fashion world. Located in the heart of the village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the French Riviera capital for Art, is Gallery ODD.




contemporary art


Pierre Turtaut


Photography entered in Pierre Turtaut’s life as a response to a maturity already gained in music and others art forms.  
He has always evolved to the rhythm of his passions.

First as muscian and a sound engineer, he sharpened his facilites for technique, accuracy and precision. Discreet and integral, he observes, experiments and challenges the norm while following an artistic thread of his own. With a visionary creativity, he excels in combing matter with light.  
The anti-conventional inspires it, while the visual efficiency singles out his work.  He is behind the latest Banana Moon campaign and Alex Simone, as well as fashion editorials in Vogue, Marie Claire, Kids Magazine, Infrarouge, Projecteur Magazine and Trendy Arty. His combined talents lead him to realise photographs that subsequently are transformed into fine art by his unique touch, for our pleasure.
In exhibition here, to Odd gallery, discover his unic work.


Antoine Graff


Born in 1937 from a father painter and grandson of a founder, the fusion of the arts takes place in him. Antoine began painting at the age of 8 to get his first commission at 14. In 1954, he left his native Alsace and joined the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

He launched his own company which gradually deviates from printing to art publishing and then he creates the gallery "The Blue Hand" in Strasbourg in 1974, where he exhibited Alechinsky, Bram Van Velde and Telemaque.

One morning he has a revelation. That of the paper wrapping the clod of butter that unfolds in exuberant, thrilling and poetic folds.

Nito Didariel


It is the work of a sculptor father and his designer son working with innovative materials.

Nicolas Dariel under the pseudonym “Nito Didariel” is a French sculptor and writer born in Melun in 1940.

Nito designs sculptures for Salvador Dali according to his paintings, he received the first prize at the International Floralies of Vincennes for this work.

For 20 years, he will sail the Pacific with his son Joachim, himself a pioneer in mother-of-pearl farming on the Fakarava atoll.

He develops new creations of jewels and mini-sculptures here in Saint-Paul de Vence inspired by their travels and the sea, like the Migrants, these birds that sometimes come to twirl and land here in the Odd Gallery.

Alexandre Nicolas


Alexandre Nicolas was born in 1970 in Toulouse, France.  He lives there and works between Paris, Limoges and Toulouse. Well known for his synthetic crystal inclusion, Alexandre is a sculptor in direct line with pop culture.  
He found in the resin of inclusion a specific material, the synthetic crystal which create a sort of sense of suspension in time. Through his work, myths are interpreted, diverted and presented frozen in inclusion. Thus, the object floating into the resin, meanwhile trapped by technology, is exposed to our critical view summoning ourselves as a mirror of our consumer society.  
Between humor, sarcasm and a critical approach, he makes use of the symbols to strike the observer mind on his own imaginary, fantasy and values.  
His work, of a surgical precision, stands against all forms of eugenics and invites the spectator to think about the notions of race, nature, mutation and power.